9 Unintentionally Dirty Logos

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Maybe you have a new start-up idea or maybe you’re looking to re-brand your existing company.  All the business members gather in a room to review the designs your in-house designer or expensive design firm has put together.  You go through the new branding ideas and pick the one you all like the best.  Happy ending right (intentional pun)?   Until you have your first client meeting with the new branding and the other-side of the table laughs until they vomit out the free bagels you put on the table for them.

Sometimes the brand of a business is so important that the executives miss something basic, and in this case, something that can easily be interpreted as being very very dirty.  Here is our list for the dirtiest, unintentional logos.

2012 Olympic Logo

This may take a bit of imagination, but it’s not hard to interpret the two different geometric designs as two people doing the nasty.  It’s so perfect that not only is the action of it place, but the “male extension” is right where is should be.  Ouch Olympic committee.

Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies

Yup, this one is pretty self-explanatory and yet it’s not a terrible concept.  It’s the combination between the red sun, a common fixture in the East, and the yellow tower representing Brazil.  Add a couple lines that look like butt cheeks though, and you have another problem.  A painful problem.  This logo has long since been removed from active use, but it’s too good not to list here.


You would think that this one would have to be intentional, but here is a popular company that was used by kids all across America for school supplies.  The name, the logo, common, you can’t unsee it.

UpperCrust Pizza

Here is your friendly neighborhood pizza place.  The logo creator thought it made sense to put a chefs hat on top of the U for the logo.  Done in the right way, this possibly could have worked, but for whoever reviewed this, they did not have a dirty mind.  Luckily, the internet is here to help.


SafePlace is an organization who does a lot of good.  This particular logo was put to rest in 2012, but it was used for a number of years.  On the face of it, this logo looks like someone giving another person a hug. Or, it could be interpreted as a large person standing behind a smaller person, holding their breasts.  Remember, the logo is interpreted in the eye of the beholder.

Catholic Archdiocesan Youth Commission

This one is wrong on just so many levels.  Considering the fact that the Catholic church has been steeped in sexual scandals over the last several decades, this logo, which has extremely unfortunate consequences, got worldwide attention when it was put on display for the world to see.  Perhaps the church should have consulted with some of the priests that had gotten in trouble for they made this public.  Maybe then the error would have been spotted.

Islamic Understanding Institute

Sometimes the perfect dirty logo is not only obvious, but the subject of the company or organization is so perfect that it becomes the ultimate joke.  For Islam, a religion that prides itself on modesty for women, a logo with some slightly disproportionate breasts and a phallic image right next to them is an unfortunate outline of a Mosque.   You don’t see this logo on their website anymore, but several sleuths have taken pictures of it from the street.

Loelia Massage Studio

Far be it from us to denigrate a small business.  After all, we all love massages.  But this logo seems to perpetuate the female form just a bit more than they would have liked.


Ok this one’s not really fair since it’s a play off of the actual AirBnB logo.  But still, keeping your logo agnostic leaves room for people to have fun with it.  With the core of the logo being interpreted as anything from a butt to the male genitalia.

In the end, it’s important to get feedback for your logo outside of the core members of your company.  Sometimes employees are not willing to say what they really think, and sometimes the boardroom is a bit too serious for someone to bring up the sexual problem of a logo.  Either way, it’s best to get a lot of feedback first, otherwise you might be next on this list!

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